Nature is our Luxury

West & Company unveils extraordinary mountain modern and ranch style luxury properties in Montana and North Dakota. Elevate your lifestyle with unmatched elegance and refinement, where nature is not just a backdrop but the essence of luxury.



At West & Company, eXp Luxury, we believe that purchasing a home transcends finding just the right property—it's about discovering a haven where nature's luxury envelops you. In the expansive world of rural luxury real estate, navigating the market requires more than expertise; it demands a concierge-style approach tailored to your unique aspirations. With our deep-rooted knowledge, extensive network, and bespoke strategies, we transform your vision into reality. Let us take you on a seamless journey to your dream home, where every detail is catered to with precision and care, ensuring you not only find a place to live but a sanctuary to call your own.

A large wooden house beside a river. The house has a balcony and a dormer window.

Buying a home?

Luxury Buyer’s Guide

Our Luxury Buyer Guide offers essential insights into the unique characteristics of rural luxury properties and effective negotiation strategies. At West & Company, eXp Luxury, we equip you to make informed decisions that maximize your investment in the serene luxury of rural living.


Selling a home?

Luxury Seller’s Guide

At West & Company, eXp Luxury, we understand that selling your home is about more than a transaction—it's about showcasing a sanctuary where nature's luxury is front and center. In the niche market of rural luxury real estate, effectively positioning your property requires more than just expertise; it demands a bespoke, concierge-style service tailored to the unique qualities of your home. Leveraging our deep-rooted knowledge, extensive network, and strategic marketing approaches, we ensure your property stands out in the luxury market. Let us guide you through a seamless selling process, where every detail is handled with precision and care, guaranteeing not just a sale, but the celebration of your home's unique story and value.

Whether you're contemplating the best time to list your property, enhancing it for a superior market value, selecting the right real estate agent, or preparing for open house events, West & Company, eXp Luxury, offers a comprehensive how-to guide to simplify each step. Our expert resources are designed to streamline the process, ensuring you navigate the sale of your home with ease and confidence.

Explore Luxury Estates

Experience the pinnacle of rural luxury living in the scenic landscapes of Montana and North Dakota with our exclusive collection of estate properties. Each property showcases exceptional craftsmanship, unparalleled amenities, and sits in some of the most sought-after locations in these majestic states. From grand mountain modern homes to expansive ranch-style retreats, Montana and North Dakota offer a seamless blend of natural beauty, refined elegance, and contemporary living. Explore our curated selection and discover your dream home in the heart of rural luxury.

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